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Led insert for Green Force HID 50

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Green Force Tristar 1070

This LED insert can be used to replace the bulb and ballast from the Green Force HID 50/75. This LED Insert is equipped with 3 LED’s which deliver 1070 Lumen all together. The power consumption however is very low, only 11 Watt. This results in amazing burn times, even with the smaller battery packs.

The LED insert is equipped with Hybrid electronics which can reduce the output from 100% to 50% and which allow the light head to run on batteries ranging from 4 to 18 Volts.

Technical details:

  • Type: LED
  • Voltage: 4-18V
  • Power/Output: 11 Watt/1.070 lumen
  • Dimensions: ø = 54mm - L = 90mm
  • Color temperature: 6.500 Kelvin
  • Beam: 10°

This light head is used preferably with the following battery packs:

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