​Inon LF-1300EWf Focus/Video Light

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Inon LF-1300EWf Focus/Video Light

Maximum 1300 lumens and 2 energy settings. An optically designed dome lens provides an extra wide coverage of 100 degrees underwater. Convenient waterproof LED flashlight for wide imaging. The "Shutter-linked AUTO OFF" function is ideal as a focus light.
The ideal lamp for aiming or underwater filming thanks to the carefully selected white LED chip which produces quality light with improved colour reproducibility and colour temperature 5000K.
With the simple but durable rotary knob, you can switch the lamp to maximum intensity (1300 lumens) or low intensity (350 lumens) for a longer burn time. The low setting can also be used above water (the maximum setting NOT). The knob is equipped with a "lock" to prevent unintentional operation.

This underwater focus / video lamp runs on 3x AA batteries (preferably Eneloop PRO). With these batteries the burn time is about 45 minutes at maximum setting and about 220 minutes at low setting.

The supplied shade cap is attached to the front of the lamp and can rotate partially to "cut off" part of the light and suppress over-radiation when the light illuminates the camera lens.
The red dome filter can be placed in front of the lamp so as not to disturb underwater life.
  • Shadow cap LF-EW
  • Red dome filter LF-EW
  • Wrist strap
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