Inon D-200 Flash

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Inon D-200 Flash
This successor to the Inon D-2000 has the same guide number (20) as its predecessor, but also has, like the Inon Z-330, a much wider beam angle of 110 degrees without the use of the diffuser. The included and rotatable cover ring helps to prevent backscatter.
At the front, the D-200 is equipped with a large heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is connected to the ciruitboard to prevent overheating when flashing in quick succession. The rear panel of the flash is covered with phosphorescent material to improve visibility both day and night.
  • Directional Number: 20
  • 110° beam angle without using the diffuser
  • Sturdy construction and heat exchanger to prevent overheating
  • Connection for optical cables
  • Accurate S-TTL system
  • 220-lumen center-focused focus LED with specially designed fresnel lens
  • Works with any camera
  • Large control buttons for easy and convenient operation
  • Integrated and rotatable cover to prevent backscatter
Plus points compared to the Inon D-2000:
  • Larger angle (110 degrees instead of 100 degrees)
  • More powerful focus LED (220 lumens instead of 180)
  • Centrally oriented LED
  • Larger buttons for easier operation
  • Rotating protective cover to prevent backscatter
  • Clear labels around the buttons
Technical data:
  • Operating modes: S-TTL Auto / TTL Auto / Manual
  • Connections: Optical connection (optical cable, wireless)
  • Beam angle: 110° x 110° circular / 30° focus lamp
  • Color temperature: 5,500K without filter / 5400K with filter
  • Recharge time: about 1.3 sec with Eneloop batteries / about 1.6 sec with Alkaline / about 2.3 sec with Lithium 1.5V batteries
  • Capacity: about 410 flashes with Eneloop, about 540 flashes with Eneloop Pro, about 350 flashes with Alkaline
  • Autonomy pilot lamp: about 2hrs 35min with Eneloop, about 3hrs 30min with Eneloop Pro, about 3hrs 15min with Alkaline
  • Compatible batteries: 4x AA batteries (Eneloop, Eneloop Pro, NiMH, Alkaline or Lithium (1.5V))
  • Max. depth: 100m
  • Dimensions: diameter: 112mm, height: 131mm, thickness: 129mm (with protective cover)
  • Weight (in air): 729g with protective cover and 4 batteries
  • Weight (in water): approximately -4g with protective cover and 4 batteries
  • Includes: protective cover, filter, multi-flash sticker, Inon O-ring grease, spare O-ring battery compartment
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