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Hugyfot HugyFloat Compact Enkelvoudig Arm Set - Large


​HugyFloat Compact Arm Set - Large


HugyFloat Compact Arm Set - Large

The HugyFloat Compact system ensures 100% neutral buoyancy of your photo or video equipment. This system consists of a combination of polyacetal tubes with air chambers. With this arm system, one or more elements can easily be added or removed to achieve 100% neutral buoyancy. Optional extra elements are available for more buoyancy.
This set consists of:
  • 2 x HugyFloat Compact float arm (large)
  • 3 x ball clamp
Technical data:
  • Buoyancy: 600 gr
  • Length of 1 arm: 36 cm (between the center of the balls)
Not available in France.
Standard delivery period 3 to 5 business days

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