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Mask Flip Frame

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(incl. glasses in diving mask) (excl. flip frame)

Diving mask in combination with strength lenses to have a better view under water (both close and far).

These are available in all strengths that are possible with regular glasses.

  • You can opt for glasses, with or without correction in the diving mask. Glasses with correction are suitable for divers who need permanent correction
  • The flip frame (correction possible according to your wishes) is ideal for viewing details underwater or for divers with double vision
Combination options:

!! order options separately

!! corrections may vary, lenses available per piece
Diving mask frame and flip frame are made of anodized aluminum.
The external flip frame can be detached from the flip mechanism and magnetically attached to the diving mask.

Flipframe and dive mask frame have 1/4 ″ thread for attaching small accessories such as dive lighting or action camera.