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light head Squid LED 2700

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Green Force Squid LED 2700 

The Squid LED 2700 is equipped with 1 'true color' LED producing an output of 2.700 lumen with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of >90. In combination with his 4.000 Kelvin color temperature, this video lighting system provides an unprecedented spectacle of lifelike and true colors. The Squid LED 2700 has an extremely leveled beam of 120° without the presence of a hot spot.

The Squid LED 2700 is compatible with all Green Force Flexi battery packs, as well as with the Hybrid 8 and 12 battery packs.

The casings of Green Force Squids are made of seawater resistant aluminum. They have been treated with three processes to produce a hard, corrosion-resistant surface. 

Technical details:

  • Type: LED
  • Voltage: 9-16V
  • Power/Output: 27 Watt / 2.700 lumen
  • Dimensions: ø = 70mm - L = 100mm
  • Color temperature: 4.000 Kelvin
  • Beam: 120°
  • CRI: >90 (Color Rendering Index)

This light head is compatible with the following battery packs:

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