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Hugyfloat DNA (Dynamic Neutral Arm) System


Hugyfloat DNA (Dynamic Neutral Arm) System


Hugyfot DNA (Dynamic Neutral Arm) Systeem

The Hugyfot DNA (Dynamic Neutral Arm) system consists of several components that can be combined into one floating arm that meets the specific requirements for a particular underwater photo or video system in terms of buoyancy and / or length. The individual components can be purchased in function of the required buoyancy.


  • Armball D35 male (8.935)
  • Armball D35 female (8.936)
  • Armball D48 male (9.348)
  • Armball D48 female (9.349)
  • Tube D35 L50mm (8.919)
  • Tube D48 L50mm (8.932)
  • Tube D74 L50mm (9.350)
  • Tube D100 L50mm (9.351)
  • Reducer D35F naar D48M (8.933)
  • Reducer D35M naar D48F (8.934)
  • Reducer D48F naar D74M (9.344)
  • Reducer D48M naar D74F (9.345)
  • Reducer D48F naar D100M (9.346)
  • Reducer D48M naar D100F (9.347)

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